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You Don’t Have to Live with Brown Gums

Think of healthy gum tissue and most envision the Hollywood standard of perfection…perfect, pearly white teeth and matching brilliant, pink gums. Unfortunately, many non-Caucasian individuals—even with healthy gum tissue—can’t achieve this look due to extra pigmentation in their gums, which causes the area to look dark, brown or splotchy.  That is, until now.  Cleveland dentist, Dr. Richard E. Betor, is changing the lives of those living with “darker” gums, offering them a choice.

With the Waterlase MD cool water laser, Dr. Betor is offering an effective and safe treatment for altering melanin pigmentation in the gingival (gum) tissue, producing the desired look of pink gums. Dr. Betor is the only dentist in Northeast Ohio offering this cosmetic laser service, helping patients overcome feeling self-conscious about their smiles, and instead have healthy-looking pink gums.

The laser technique de-pigments the gums in one office visit. A complimentary evaluation is required to make sure the patient is a good candidate for the procedure, and to ensure that the gum tissue is healthy and without gum disease before treatment begins.

Gum discoloration can occur for several reasons. Commonly, people with darker complexions may be prone to a natural buildup of melanin in their gum tissue. Additionally, certain medications may cause gum discoloration to develop over time.

Watch Dr. Betor on WKYC News talking about Waterlase MD cool water laser.



For more information on gum de-pigmentation, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call The Dr. Richard E. Betor Cosmetic Dental Group at (440) 333-3766.

Melanin, carotene and hemoglobin are the common pigments that contribute to the coloration of gum tissue. Imbalances of these pigmentation components cause the variations in cosmetic appearance. The condition is known as dark or black gums.

Most areas of gum discoloration can be treated with a single office visit. Because the amount of pigment saturation and location of gum discoloration varies on an individual patient basis, Dr. Betor carefully customizes each patient’s treatment.