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Early Cavity Detection Tool with 90% Accuracy

As one of the first dentists in Northeast Ohio to use the Diagnodent, Dr. Betor knows how important early cavity detection is. The Diagnodent is a non-invasive, hand-held tool that looks like a small box with an attached stylus. The stylus is placed on the patient’s teeth, and uses a specific wavelength of light to expose compromised tooth structure. An audio signal (beep) alerts Dr. Betor and his staff to the degree of decay. Even very small lesions are detected at the earliest stage to allow for protection and preservation of the tooth substance.

Altered tooth substance and bacteria fluoresce when they are exposed to a specific wavelength of light. The Diagnodent operates at a wavelength of 655 nm. At this specific wavelength, clean, healthy tooth structure exhibits little or no fluorescence, resulting in very low scale readings on the display box. However, compromised tooth structure will exhibit fluorescence, proportionate to the degree of cavity, resulting in elevated scale readings on the display box of the Diagnodent. An audio signal allows the operator to hear changes in the scale values.

The early-detection tool is 90% accurate and non-invasive. There is no more hide and seek with cavities, as the accuracy of diagnosing hidden occlusal cavities is no longer a challenge. And if there is a lesion, it is caught very early, which means less loss of tooth and ultimately less pain. Watch out, cavities—there’s no hiding from Dr. Betor and the Diagnodent!

The Diagnodent has received the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

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