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Cool Water Meets Laser Technology

Imagine a trip to the dentist without drilling, needles or Novocaine. It’s possible with an innovative new instrument called the Waterlase MD, and Dr. Betor is one of only a handful of dentists in Ohio offering this cool water laser technology. He’s also the first dentist in Ohio to receive his Fellowship in Laser Dentistry from the World Clinical Laser Institute.

The Waterlase MD can perform a variety of dental procedures normally done with a drill, without even touching the patient’s tooth--and usually without the need for local anesthetics. From decay removal to root canals to cavity preparation, the Waterlase MD is the new standard in today’s dentistry.

Manufactured by California-based Biolase Technology, Inc., the Waterlase MD uses “hydrokinetic” technology that combines laser technology with an ultra-fine stream of water, capable of cutting into tooth, bone and soft tissue. As the stream of water flows into the laser beam, the water molecules become laser energized, and create tiny explosions upon impact with teeth or soft tissue. The procedure remains painless due to the numbing effect that results when the laser painlessly impacts microscopic nerve endings. The streams of water cool and sooth the tooth.

According to Biolase Technology, the manufacturers of Waterlase MD, a study done at University of the Pacific says 98.5% of patients reported no discomfort during Waterlase MD procedures. Another benefit of the Waterlase MD is instead of the high-pitched noise of the dental drill, all you hear are quiet, little “pops,” reminiscent of popcorn popping. The Waterlase MD is about the size of a computer hard drive tower with a laser/water jet situated at the end of an attached hose.

This technology is for anyone interested in less-invasive dentistry, but is especially helpful for children and those with allergies to local anesthetics

The Waterlase MD is both a hard and soft tissue laser. About the only thing you can’t do with this water-and-laser beam technology is to cut through silver fillings. Another benefit of the Waterlase MD is that the laser sterilizes the tooth area as it removes the decay, so there’s no need to drill the tooth more than medically necessary.  With respect to root canals, the infected root is sterilized without the use of harsh chemicals. The Waterlase MD is also used to zap mouth sores, which can be especially helpful for cancer patients going through chemotherapy, where mouth sores can be a side effect.

Cool and precise, there’s no danger of the Waterlase MD overheating or cracking the tooth from pressure as a regular drill might do. The Waterlase MD does not damage nerves, so teeth stay alive and healthy. On procedures involving soft tissue therapy, the laser helps to reduce swelling, bleeding and the need for sutures, and even enhances healing time.

For more information on Waterlase MD technology, call The Dr. Richard E. Betor Cosmetic Dental Group at (440) 333-3766.